Salesforce SAP Integration Accelerator

Introducing an integration accelerator developed by Gauri, catering to a wide range of Sales, Service and Field Service integration scenarios from Salesforce to SAP.

Customer 360 Views

View Account Data

  • Credit Information
  • Billing and Shipping Information
  • Block Information (i.e. Billing and Delivery)

View SAP Transactions

  • Sales Quote
  • Sales Order
  • Sales Returns
  • CMR & DMR
  • Service Quote
  • Service Contract
  • Sales Contract
  • Delivery Order
  • CM & DM
  • Invoices
  • Service Order
  • Rebates

Process Integration

Sales Orders

  • Sales quote creation in SAP
  • Pricing integration
  • Credit checks
  • Sales order creation in SAP
  • Delivery and Billing integration
  • Order status update from SAP ECC

Field Service / Customer Service Integration

  • Installed base
  • Service Order
  • Service Contracts
  • Service pricing
  • Cost settlement
  • Finance (Billing)
  • Service Contract
  • Van stock

Detailed Service Integration Features

  • Warranty management integration to equipment or installed Base
  • Real-time Price for Service Jobs & Spares Used
  • Real time Jobs Invoicing from FSL
  • Van Stock Process (Request for stock, stock adjustment, stock receipt, stock transfer, stock return etc.) with inventory alignment
  • Stock availability check from FSL mobile app and customer service
  • Contracts billing plan and invoice release from CRM
  • Guided process for the customer service team
  • Service flow for engineers to simplify navigation and improve efficiency

Business Benefits

Conversational Customer Management

Moving from Transactional to Conversational based Customer Management by providing customer insight to sales and service users

Improve Brand Loyalty and Satisfaction

Enabling Field Sales with real time information to drive prospect/customer towards brand loyalty and advocacy

Cross-Sell / Up-Sell

Customer insight into field service users for Cross-sell and Upsell.

Accelerated Deployment

Accelerated deployment of Sales, Customer Service and Field Service process integrated with SAP ECC:

  • A complete view of all customer interactions across the organisation
  • A comprehensive view of service financials eg: contract profitability
  • Can be localised and deployed in a couple of weeks

Technical Benefits

Real-Time Interactive access to of SAP Account info

  • Access SAP Transactions from Salesforce
  • Add or Remove SAP Doc Type, Partner Function, via Configuration

Easy & Faster Deployment – Pre-Built Standard SAP Extraction, SF to SAP Integration and Mapping are delivered

  • GC360 Core Deployment Takes less than 2 Days

Seamless integration with Salesforce Lightning Application

  • No ground-up middleware development is required
  • Optional REST API also available

Dynamic Field Mapping on SF UI, Simple drag and drop, client-specific filed label change and no coding required.

No APEX Code – For each object, a few additional Fields are made available to cater client’s Bespoke Fields

User Exit on SAP side enables the client to upgrade GC360 future release without affecting their bespoke logic

Easy to extend additional functionality without affecting core package

Authorization – Role-Based Field Level Data visibility Restriction Possible

Mobile App – Access from Standard Salesforce Mobile App

The flexible architecture supporting different integration technologies such as Mulesoft, PI, no middleware

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