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Gauri Achieves UK’s 1st SAP CRM Recognised Expertise Accreditation

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Sales and Service


Deliver a compelling customer experience with a 360 degree view.




Achieve real-time, personalised and contextual marketing for every customer.




Ever wondered how to be in control in this ever-transforming world?


B2B Commerce


Are you geared up for the consumerisation of B2B commerce?


B2C Commerce


Omni-channel consumer experience: No longer a nice-to-have.




Don’t lose the gains of best-of-breed hybrid solutions to poor integration!


Grants Management


Optimise your grants funding, ensuring every penny is worth its spent.


Citizen Services


Save costs, streamline processes. Harness the power of self-service portals.


User Experience


Renew your SAP solutions through a transformed user experience.




HANA: Where volume and speed do not clash with each other.


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…Yes, Gauri did a very good job. They delivered on what we wanted, they understood it, and they turned it around fast, which is a bonus… I would recommend them and I would recommend that Marketing take full advantage of the team they’ve got…


Customer Services Manager, CMS Distribution


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Succeeding with Analytics

Just two things needed to succeed with Analytics – a world class toolset and faultless data. One won’t deliver without the other. Contributed by Jane Wallis, Gauri Ltd, UK – Originally published by Aberdeen Group. There is no denying that the choice of... read more

Mangoes – sweet and aromatic!

Roughly a fortnight ago, I bought a box of mangoes from Sainsbury’s. To my disappointment, the first two Mangoes I picked up from the box were neither ‘sweet’, nor ‘aromatic’, as the label on the box suggested. Feeling the disappointment, and a loss of £4, it took me... read more

What will your customer buy from you next?

What will your customer buy from you next? To be able to answer this question you need to think like a buyer. Buyers do research via many different channels. They have preferences which are derived from both business and personal likes and dislikes. Understanding your... read more

How engaged are you with your customers?

Everyone’s talking about Customer Engagement. All of us have become marketers; the interactive touch points with the customers are now spread across various departments. Hence, customer engagement has become everyone’s responsibility. Engagement can happen... read more

The Mobile Enterprise – which way forward?

Since the Millennium, some 52% of the Fortune 500 companies have ceased trading, with a failure to keep up with new technology being given as a contributory reason. They were out-innovated by their competitors and could not simplify their collaborative interaction.... read more

Our customers come back to us and ask for more

Gauri is a growing SAP partner, already well recognised for its project delivery expertise, but time and again we have delivered beyond customer expectations in both core and non-core areas. Steering a business transformation programme to its successful outcome is a... read more

A Guide to identifying right platform & technology

Every philanthropic organisation or charitable trust in today’s digital world has a huge responsibility for its public image and the way it is perceived by people who are directly affected by its activities and the wider community in which it operates. The key... read more