We are delighted to be celebrating 15 years of careful nurturing of our ideas, our ethos, our culture and our vision with which Gauri was founded. The idea grew from the experience of four consultants, who, having enjoyed delivering challenging, successful projects in their previous careers, strongly felt that they could deliver something unique to customers in the area of consulting and service delivery.

Over the years, our team has passionately and painstakingly built the company brick by brick. This is now unmistakably identifiable as the Gauri capability, ethos and culture by all our stakeholders – customers, partners, team members, vendors, suppliers and society.

Our customer retention is close to 100%, and our first customer is still a happy customer of Gauri. We attribute this feat to our core philosophy of delivering value to our customers through excellent product knowledge, experience and innovation, and standing by them under all circumstances.

We owe most of this credit to our team – who joined us on this journey and have stuck to its mission through thick and thin. They continue to grow this company into a larger capability. With a great mix of experienced consultants and young talent, we are competing with the best in the business.

We have come a long way.

A positive ecosystem based on our ethos of fair play and respect to every individual – our team members, our partners, vendors and society, is what we have laid emphasis on through the years. We believe that this approach of ours has helped us build a motivating workplace and an ecosystem where all our stakeholders not only give their best but are willing to go the extra mile when needed.

We thank our senior colleagues in the industry and customer stakeholders, who have helped us through this journey, giving us valuable mentorship and pointers without which we would not have been able to reach where we have today. And, we wouldn’t have achieved this milestone without our families supporting us in our endeavours. We are sincerely grateful to them. 

We also consider ourselves fortunate to have achieved our vision of being able to give back to society at large. This was one of the core founding principles of this Business and this is something that we are constantly striving to do more of.

We are excited about our future!

Having a strong foundation, coupled with rich experience, a knowledgeable team and a can-do culture, we are excited for the journey ahead well and poised to take this organisation to bigger, better, and to greater heights.

Thank you!

Anand Swamy