Customer 360 Accelerator

Integrate SAP ERP with Salesforce CRM to gain complete visibility of ERP data without leaving Salesforce.

Modern manufacturers using Salesforce CRM along with SAP ERP often struggle to achieve an integrated presentation of their customer relationships in a single view.

With Gauri’s Enterprise 360-degree Accelerator, achieving this is simple and straightforward. We bring you all vital information sets from Salesforce and SAP on a single screen.


Salesforce offers great visibility on customer interactions. It provides its end-users (i.e. sales, service and agents) a complete customer 360-degree view taking data from across the Salesforce platform. However, many organisations have substantial elements of customer data outside Salesforce.

Gauri’s Enterprise 360-degree Accelerator bridges SAP ERP and Salesforce CRM and provides users complete visibility of ERP data without leaving Salesforce. Users do not need to switch between two systems to obtain a complete view of the customer.

The Enterprise 360-degree Accelerator goes beyond simple use cases of the data interface. It can also manage complex organisation structures and information governance through granular access permissions. If required, you can also extend its functionality to integrate third-party services to understand your customer behaviour and wallet share.

Accelerator Architecture

Enterprise 360 accelerator architecture, which is a Salesforce App, directly connects to SAP ECC or S/4HANA without any middleware deployment. It is equipped with pre-built ERP extraction, Salesforce and SAP ERP Integration and Mapping; hence middleware is not required. This enables rapid, streamlined deployment.

A User-friendly user interface is readily available and data flow between Salesforce and SAP happens in real-time. Enterprise data is exchanged as objects with provision for custom fields.

Simple Operations

The Customer 360 Accelerator will simply present a button on your Salesforce Account screen where the user will be able to view the SAP data within the Salesforce screen. The user can also view SAP orders within Salesforce seamlessly without signing out from Salesforce and signing in to SAP.


Understanding the customer is an organisation’s most prized capability. It requires a system that enables the efficiency and productivity of its workforce.

Gauri’s Enterprise 360-degree Accelerator App for Salesforce brings you all the data from Salesforce and SAP into one window. Benefits are immense as it enables your Sales and Service personnel to perform their activities without loss of time or focus and with greater efficiency.

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Fast Facts

  • Easy Deployment
  • No Bespoke Code Development
  • Simple Architecture
  • Real-time Data Flow
  • No End-Point Restrictions
  • UI Ready
  • Flow Navigation
Additional Features

Enhancement Possibilities

Enterprise 360-degree Accelerator has the provision for additional fields in its data model, thereby its functionality can be extended via field remapping.

Data Governance

Role-based customisable authorisation from highest levels (i.e. product group) to the field-level detail is possible.

Ease of Upgrade

New releases introduce new features at a uniform interval and designed for easy incorporation by the clients. 

Audience Personalisation

The Enterprise 360-degree Accelerator allows your Sales and Service audience to view their role-specific information and perform their role-specific activities without logging out from Salesforce or logging into SAP.


Additional Personalisation

Sales Personnel can track SAP MTO and OTC processes such as order pricing simulation, sales order placement, stock checks, billing progress without logging into SAP

Service Personnel can track SAP customer service processes such as returns, refunds, and reordering (if required) without logging into SAP.

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