Business Value Realisation

Helping you create a digitally intelligent organisation.

Strategy to help our clients increase their productivity and efficiency by streamlining their operations and identifying alignment between their processes and software functionality.

Customer Challenge

This premium service offers a dedicated team, with a Single Pot concept. Our clients benefit from a steady team with deeper business understanding, hence faster and better technology solutions.

Typically, as implementation is marked as completed, focus tends to shift towards maintaining BAU. With key roles such as Solution Architect and Subject Matter Experts now no longer involved, a concerted effort to achieve business case takes a back seat. Soon, the team is bogged down with BAU related support activities.

Even though the post-implementation solution support team may get the required training to manage the system adequately, their lack of knowledge, missing solution architect, or subject matter expert, the true benefit realisation of the technology platform does not happen.

Why Gauri for Business Value Realisation

Our solution architects and subject matter experts work closely with our client’s IT and business team. And through their deep knowledge of the digital platform, whether it is Salesforce or SAP, we are able to fully unravel the potential of the platform to optimise your current operations and provide tremendous growth opportunities for the business.

Our focus is not just to lay the digital foundation, but also enable your organisation to become a data-driven and intelligent enterprise.

We focus on:

  • Simplifying operational workflows and improving redundant processes
  • Forging collaboration and strong partnerships with every stakeholder
  • Predicting functionalities which can help your enterprise become more efficient
  • Ensure that service delivery and value chain remain aligned with software workflow
  • Ensuring the realisation of the value in your digital investments.

Achieving a data-driven organisation is a journey and our business value realisation service enables our clients to undertake this journey minimising friction, maximising value and efficiency.

This is enabled through our rich ecosystem of the engagement model and delivery model, which has been distilled with years of experience in delivering digital transformation programmes for our clients since our inception.

Shankar Hariharan

Shankar Hariharan

Director, Strategy and Sales

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