Customer engagement behaviours are changing – there is no disputing this fact – and organisations that are slow to address the challenges that this brings, are failing to take advantage of enticing the newly-empowered buyer.

In a recently-conducted research questionnaire, senior managers, directors and c-level executives  expressed their concerns, and the results make startling reading:

  • Only 27% of respondents felt that their customer engagement solutions are aligned to the company’s strategic objectives.
  • 48% believe that their existing CRM system is ineffective, inefficient and not delivering the envisaged business benefits. Within that group, the sentiment was rationalised as follows:
  • 33% said that processes in the CRM systems are too slow and create significant time delays
  • 11% said that they are unable to access systems from mobile devices and other out of office locations
  • 13% stated that the user interface presents a problem in terms of ease of use
  • 14% thought that the systems make it difficult to collaborate effectively with their employees.
  • 48% believe that they are not making the most of their CRM investment, 30% have idle CRM licences that are not being used

If any of these thoughts resonate with your own concerns, we would love to help you to identify and resolve the underlying causes.

Gauri’s core expertise is improving the customer-facing business processes, through redefinition of process, and application of innovative, integrated technology.

We can work with you through an entire program of improvement in your customer engagement processes, beginning with a Customer Journey Mapping workshop.

In this workshop we will identify and analyse the internal and external processes within the customer critical business process (CBP).  All of the staff that are involved in any way with the customer will be invited to join in, and we would also want to speak to some of your customers and lost prospects. Using software that illustrates the journey and identifies areas of improvement, we can begin to construct a value-based improvement program, looking at new technologies that support the initiative.

A significant element of creating an efficient new customer experience, is the complete end-to-end real-time integration of the customer interface with the back office provisioning systems.

Gauri has an exceptional track record in connecting cross-platform technologies, giving the customer a fully digitally enabled, mobile and satisfactory experience.

Remember – there are three ways in which your P&L can be improved: by stopping something from losing value; by modifying something to make it more valuable; or by doing something new to add value.  Gauri will help you do all three of those.

Gauri’s expertise lies in leveraging value-based process improvement with technology enhancement, implementing client specific requirements with personalisation, customisation and development. Our specific experience is in sales, marketing, service and social communications, and their real-time integration to the ERP back office. We deliver business insight through intuitive use of business analytics.

Digital enablement for our clients is achieved through our understanding of the customer domain across both B2B and B2C relationships, and the development of end-to-end integrated applications across SAP and non-SAP landscapes. Our industry experience lies within Wholesale and Distribution, Manufacturing, Consumer Goods, Public Sector and Retail.

Gauri is an accredited SAP VAR partner with recognised expertise in CRM, and is a Partner Centre of Expertise for VAR-delivered support.