Commerce Capable

Let’s face it: it is about time for companies to change and get commerce capable. Our consumers are empowered and that is something we cannot take back.

The shopping experience has become just as important, if not more so, than the product itself.

3/5 costumers never complete their purchases due to poor customer service. Forbes 2017

As the pressure on commerce capabilities is heightening, successful businesses must cater for every consumer need. To achieve this, it seems that one-by-one businesses are succumbing to the lure of a digital upgrade, expanding into the glittering, wide-web world of what we techies call e-commerce.

Speedy Explanation – E-commerce expansion has led to more products than ever before being made available online, producing greater competitivity on pricing and a growing need for faster and more flexible delivery.

For traditional companies, it can seem hard to score in the same field as omnipresent, competitive e-commerce players.

However, what is now being expressed is the relative ease with which companies can undergo this digital market upgrade. The high demand placed upon the market has led to the rapid development of new digital technologies, making digital THE way to stay competitive in today’s commerce industry.

2017 reports conclude that e-commerce is growing a whopping 23% year-over-year. BigCommerce 2017

While there are many software solutions on the market that claim to upgrade your commerce capabilities, SAP Hybris has been making a lot of conversation rounds, continuing to be a growing favourite and standing out as a bit of a giant in the e-commerce market.

In a report conducted by Forrester, SAP Hybris was labelled one of the leading and most significant vendors, producing extremely high overall satisfaction and proving the best fit for both B2C and B2B businesses.

“SAP Hybris continues to be a favourite because of its stability, large global implementation partner network, and vertical industry solution focus.” Forrester Q1 2017

It seems that there are many features and advantages of SAP Hybris that outweigh competing providers, helping to explain this hype.

7 Ways SAP Hybris Ticks Commerce Capability Boxes

Let’s start looking at SAP Hybris and tap into 7 exact ways it perfects businesses’ commerce capabilities:

1. It creates a single system to manage all customer orders, easily accomplishing crucial order fulfilment processes, and aiding swift growth for return on investment (ROI).

2. It provides flexible hassle-free integration with any system, on-premise or as a private cloud solution.

3. It provides a highly personalised one-to-one customer experience, helping businesses to showcase their products in every desirable way.

4. Omni-channel capabilities allow efficient management all types of products and catalogues, across transaction pathways.

5. It functions with varying transaction bases – B2C B2B, B2B2B, B2B2C and many more.

6. High-level Platform functionality: a rich set of core commerce optimisation tools (digital and physical goods, subscription billing, services, and data-rich products/services).

7. Continued investment in adjacent technologies and solutions and an ecosystem of service partners for vertical industry support. SAP products now encompass Commerce, Customer Experience, Marketing, Profile, Sales, Service, Revenue, and as a Service (YaaS).

With a resume like this, it is no mystery why many business sectors are showing a keen interest in a SAP Hybris software upgrade. SAP Hybris makes high-level commerce capabilities a reality for companies across all industries.

It is no surprise that our worker bees here at Gauri have made sure SAP Hybris is on our radar. Well versed with the ins and outs of SAP Hybris, we know which solution can become the right solution for each diverse business scenario.

3 Factors to Consider

Cloud vs On-premise?

Cloud is a standard solution with a fast implementation time but can be less flexible if you need very high-level customisation. Alternatively, on-premise is incredibly mouldable, but has a slightly longer implementation time and can be pricier.

Do you have to make a choice?

SAP Hybris ordinarily functions as either on-premise or on a private cloud, so companies who desire a combination can consider finding the right SAP solution partner to bridge this gap. Specialist partners can assist to tweak the programme, enabling the reporting, analytics and order management software to act as even more of a ‘second skin’ for business operations.

A big investment?

Hands down, SAP is a premium package, but it does provide solutions for organisations of all sizes. The pay as you grow model varies costs to your unique business requirements, such as revenue and per core. It can be tempting to stick with a cheaper provider, but if you want to break through the glass ceiling of revenue and profit margins, SAP Hybris delivers where other solution vendors draw the line. When it comes to commerce capability software, the rewards of Return on Investment (ROI) are well worth it.

Want to Know More?

To know more about the approaches to consider when opting for a SAP Hybris business solution, check-in with our team of techies at Gauri. We analyse problems from all outlooks to help businesses succeed, it is as simple as that!

Co-Author and Editor: Stephanie Ball