No matter how large or small the company is, customers of every B2C organisation must be able to interact with their vendor in multiple ways and via different media. And vice versa – customers may be reached through various platforms and channels. But is the touch always at the right time?

These days a sales person is not necessary – the products are promoting themselves online, and customers are reviewing their purchases, providing a realistic and truthful opinion not only of the product, but the buying experience. So a potential customer goes online, searches for a product, reads the reviews and if the score is between 4 and 5, they will go to social media for further opinions, before buying the product. If there are bad reviews the chances are that potential customer is lost for good. It’s a harsh place in which to sell – 97% of website visitors won’t make a decision to buy during their first visit.

So the big challenge for every B2C company is “Conversion”… How to convert a potential customer who is browsing online into a satisfied customer who has pressed the buy now button? Furthermore – how do you ensure loyalty from that new customer such that they don’t buy from another site next time?

Scenario: A customer/guest visits an online site to buy a popular toy for their child’s 3rd birthday which is only 3 days away. They are satisfied that they have found the right toy, but wonder about the quality, the price, the delivery and the quality of customer service. As research says “97% of website visitors do not convert in any given session”, this visitor needs to be enticed back quickly and persuaded to press BUY. Is there such a thing as real-time context-sensitive nudging? With minimal investment? Yes, with the new generation of marketing solutions.

A potential customer has many routes to research a product: desktop web, mobile apps, call centres, even store transactions. A B2C sales engine should be able to nudge the customer via the same variety of channels, eg trigger emails, SMS, Drop Pixels, through CRM systems, Push to Mobile apps etc.

Good online marketing tools can use triggers that we may not have thought of before such as the time of day, weather, availability, social trending. And the objectives of good, timely marketing have become refined:

  • Don’t Market when you shouldn’t
  • Base each touch upon what he/she is interested in right now, based upon individual real time activity
  • Market what’s selling right now and what’s trending right now.

Art of Conversion

Image: The simple philosophy of “Remarketing”

Interesting? Achievable?

Yes to both. Good online marketing solutions will sit on an existing CEC environment, be inexpensive and simple to implement, and will soon give a good RoI, with an average of 5.4% increase (up to 11% in some cases) in online revenue reported from those who have already invested.

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