Do you want Sales, Service, Social engagement and analytics – all in one place?

Do you want to reduce your investment in hardware and its maintenance?

Do you want to use your system on mobile devices as well?

These are the questions which often pop up in the mind of anyone who wants to expedite his business processes. For decades, business users have struggled to get proper insights from core numbers. The use of graphs and pie charts has made it easier to make informed business decisions. With the advent of new technologies, analytics has become the key factor which helps a business to understand its customers better and cater to their needs.

Today, to compete effectively, an organisation needs to have a complete insight of its business, exceed the customer’s expectations and attract new customers to expand its business. To achieve this, organisations need to capture all the required business data in the system and analyse it in real-time in order to take the right decisions at the right time. The ultimate objective of any analytics system is to drive overall improvement. There are various analytics tools available in the market and we, at GAURI, over the period of various project experiences, found that the customer is spoilt for choice. But the common pattern that we recognised is that the customer is using more than one system to drive its business and manage analytics. Many of them are struggling with the integration issues between these different systems. We found that SAP C4C (Cloud for Customer) will be the best solution for such customers. For one of our customers, we have implemented SAP C4C that helped them manage their various business processes and analytics in a single location, which meant that they did not have to worry about the additional external analytical system and the associated overhead costs.

Studies have shown that it is far more easy and efficient for a human brain to understand and analyse business data in a pictorial way instead of descriptive information. It is easy to compare different graphs rather than a vast amount of data. One can quickly have a look at the graphs and can decide what actions need to be taken which is very difficult with descriptive reports. SAP C4C Analytics offers you the leverage this capability. We, at GAURI, have given a new dimension to our customer’s business where they can now have a panoramic view of their entire process, can track performance of their employees and make decisions using the reports which are based on real time data and all of this can be achieved with a single click and on a single home page with C4C analytics. Along with the usual business scenarios, our customer was looking for an analytics solution with which he could track his employees’ activities, could check what customers are interested in and also track the visits made to customers. And for this requirement, we suggested the SAP C4C product and now the customer is very satisfied with the features that SAP C4C is providing.

Our customer had some very specific requirements for the analytical reports of his business. SAP C4C provides the ability to develop custom data sources and then develop reports over them to meet such specific customer requirements. We were able to develop certain reports that helped our client plan future activities and enhance their business tactics. Business users can now filter the data and can view reports based on only the data selected. The customer had two different teams and so he wanted different reports for each team where the manager has access only to the reports assigned to his team. Access restrictions on reports allows this team-based restriction. Apart from that, they also wanted their pre-existing BW reports to be made available in their new system. SAP C4C’s capability to integrate with other analytics tools made it possible to accomplish this requirement.

Every business today needs to capture industry specific information and then analyse this data. To achieve this, SAP C4C can capture this external information not only in the standard fields but also in custom fields. These fields can easily be integrated into the existing reports which made it very easy to analyse business specific data. As various C4C mobile apps are available in the market, now our customers can use C4C system on their phones or tablets, which makes it available to the on-field team at any time.

One of our other customers had a requirement where they needed good visibility of their KPIs, allowing them to view their weekly activities and monitor their business processes in real time. With the integrated KPIs, one can see the current quality of his business and can foresee the business he want to become. For example, a manager can monitor its team’s visits to his customers and take a look at how many leads he has in the pipeline, and can plan next steps to increase his sales revenue.

Using our wide experience of implementing different C4C projects, we at Gauri can help your organisation improve your decision making capabilities, and achieve truly un-paralleled growth metrics with SAP C4C Analytics.