We all love upgrades when we receive one on a train, flight, our car, gadgets or on our utilities services with some minimal costs. The same applies for enterprise IT, but upgrades on enterprise IT was always expensive and risky.

Latest technologies have placed clients on the cutting edge to ensure satisfaction from customer services for their products and services. While Client’s IT budgets are getting chopped, the challenges to cope with the latest technologies and platforms brings further burden to business.

What if your enterprise software gets upgraded without any additional cost  and the icing on the cake would be to get this quarterly? Sounds exciting doesn’t it? Yes this is exactly what SAP Cloud for Customer (C4C) solution provides to its customers, not only that SAP keeps adding new innovative solution and functionality, but also keeps leveraging changes in the latest platforms and technology.

Every customer of SAP C4C gets the advantage of the latest release at the same time, as there is always only one version of the solution, since SAP C4C is built upon a multi-tenanted platform. This helps customers in two ways: Firstly, C4C provide seamless upgrades to all customers as they are always running the latest version, and choose to opt into those features that they feel will benefit their business. Secondly, SAP C4Cs get inspiration for upgrades from the existing customer base, so if a company suggests an improvement to the service, everyone benefits. More importantly a SAP C4C upgrade won’t break client API integrations which have already been implemented.

SAP is committed and working aggressively to ensure that all the latest innovations on technology and industry process are been included in its upgrade releases or provide simple API interface to connect with other 3rd party applications. Every quarter SAP C4C provides an opportunity to its existing customers to innovate their business with out of box functionalities.

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