SAP Business One FAQ

Answers to some common questions about SAP Business One

How long have you worked in the SAP Space?

Gauri Ltd has operated in the SAP space since 2007 and more recently, in the SAP Business One space. I joined back in 2021 to setup the practice which has seen rapid and solid success, building the customer base as well as the delivery capability.

Personally, I have been around SAP products since 2015 with a specialism in both SAP Business One and SAP Business ByDesign and more recently, S4 HANA.

I have heard SAP is too big, expensive and overkill for my business

This may be the case, depending on us understanding more about your business. These observations are quite often mentioned and also inaccurate.

SAP Business One, whilst it is full, end-to-end ERP, covering all of the main aspects of your business, the “Out-of-the-Box” nature of the solution, means it can be rapidly deployed, at a cost-effective price point and the entire project can also be financed.

The devil is always in the detail and if you can give us half a day, free of charge, we will be able to give you an estimate about the costs.

From single user to 200+ users, multi country, multi-language, multi-entity deployment, the solution can really scale to help startups and established businesses alike.

What functionality does SAP Business One have?

SAP Business One covers all of the main areas that your business needs. Please see the following link for all of the areas in a little more detail.

The main benefit of this is that all areas are integrated as so any single entry also has an impact on the rest of the system. For example, if Customer Services put a customer on hold, then Delivery can automatically be blocked (this is fully customisable to create the action you desire).

Can SAP Business One integrate with other solutions?

Yes, the product is extensible which means that when we assess your processes, if there are any areas which a best of breed product may be preferable over standard functionality, we can integrate that into the SAP Business One environment.

What cool features does the solution have?

There are many, but I think the keys ones to mention are:

Mobile Apps

Business One comes with out of the box mobile applications


“Sell smarter with SAP Business One Sales mobile app for iOS or Android, designed for busy sales teams on the move. Manage sales leads, customer accounts, view stock, and place an order.”

For further information please see here.


“Work smarter and faster with the SAP Business One Service mobile app. Manage and resolve service tickets easily, on the move.” This also includes remote location for key workers and electronic signature capture.

For further information please see here


Users can access the system as if it were in the cloud, using the WebClient, users can access key functionality from a standard web browser, whilst the information resides on premise, or the whole solution can be deployed in the cloud.

Alerts Management

Alerts can be configured for individual or groups of people and can be based upon any data within the system and, providing there is logic, alerts can be created for anything. Instead of using reports to go and find information, or problems, let the system report by exception.

So, as an example, if you want a daily alert for any Sales Order that doesn’t have a Customer Order Number, this can be scheduled and because the alerts are based on live information, that Sales Order will continue to appear on the alert until it has an Order Number.

Query Generator

Alerts can be created based upon Queries, which is just one of the benefits of having a query generator. There is a general acceptance in Business One that if a) the data exists and b) there is logic, you can report or query anything you like.

Field names are easily identifiable and therefore data retrieved quickly and easily. Once this query exists, you can use it to create:

  • Report
  • Dashboard
  • KPI
  • Excel Sheet Report
  • Alerts

They can be saved and used later, and as above, can enable the system to work for you rather than with you, to deliver the vital information you need, but only when you need it.


There is an inbuilt messenger service which can allow users to interact much like they do in Microsoft Teams, sharing links to the documents that they are referring to and setting up activities, reminders and follow up activities.

Microsoft Teams Integration

SAP Business One can also be integrated with Microsoft Teams to enable quicker and easier collaboration in meetings, to share key information without screen sharing.

Does Business One handle MTD?

Yes, on the version 10 release of the software, MTD is available and fully compliant with HMRC.

Reporting is currently a big issue for us, how will Business One help?

There are hundreds of reports available out of the box but also with the help of the Query Generator, providing the data is held in the system and there is logic to what you wish to report against, you can report against it.

This query could then be used in its raw form to export to Excel, or used as a formula within Excel to extract the data automatically, or used in a multitude of other ways, including Crystal report, KPI’s and Dashboards.

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