Case Study – SAP Data Analytics & Insights

Achieving a multi-dimensional data interrogation capability and business insight.

Read how Gauri helped Roper Rhodes Ltd, one of the UK’s leading independent suppliers of bathroom furniture and bathroom products to transform its business analytics capability from SAP.

The Challenge

 As part of Roper Rhodes’ initiative to take its analytics to the next level using the latest in technology, Roper Rhodes engaged Gauri as a trusted advisor to implement a state-of-the-art analytics solution that would enable comprehensive, all-inclusive reporting.

    Gauri’s Engagement

    We have been a trusted partner for Roper Rhodes from the start of their quest to identify an appropriate analytics technology to take their reporting experience to the next level.

    Gauri architects worked as a part of the Roper Rhodes stakeholder team for the evaluation of various Analytics vendors and platforms and in finalising a platform – ThoughtSpot.

    Once finalised, Gauri helped build the end to end solution architecture as a foundation for all analytics related initiatives, that included:

    • Design and build of data extractors from SAP ECC
    • Providing design for data extracts from other systems like CRM, Spreadsheets and Slimstock
    • Design and build of the SQL staging area to combine data from all the above sources logically
    • Integration with the visualisation tool – ThoughtSpot


    Project Highlights

      We achieved freedom for Roper Rhodes to query data as they please in a google-like fashion as opposed to having to use IT-built reports, this has been a great achievement of this delivery. Some specific key highlights from the project:

      • Maintaining data integrity while consolidating data from multiple sources involving:
        • ERP system (SAP)
        • CRM and store display system (Pepperi)
        • Warehouse Management System (Chess Emperica)
        • Inventory and Demand Management System (Slimstock)
        • Spreadsheets
      • Identifying appropriate visualisation tools for delivering the reports
      • Design of a staging area in SQL to feed into the Visualisation Tool and extraction of data with appropriate entity – relationships from the ERP system.


      “It is astonishing.”

      The accessibility of the data and the ability to interrogate it from so many perspectives represents an enormous step forwards.

      If we can roll this out effectively, it will offer us significant insight.

      William Steele

      Operations Director, Roper Rhodes

      Services & Technology


      • Advisory – Choice of Analytics Platform
      • Technical Architecture – ERP Data Extraction, Staging & Consolidation Area, Integration with the Visualisation Tool
      • Business Value Realisation


      • SAP ERP
      • Microsoft SQL Server with SSIS ETL Orchestrator
      • Thoughtspot

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