Project Recovery

Gauri are specialists in recovering failing IT projects across Salesforce, SAP and other leading technologies.

Steering any IT programme to success so it achieves its desired outcomes can be challenging, with complex programmes in particular requiring careful planning and risk management throughout their life cycle. Given the challenges, it’s sadly often the case that many projects inevitably suffer from some degree of programme drift and if the causes are not quickly identified and rectified, this could ultimately result in project failure.

Gaining a true understanding of the problems requires specialist skills and insight.

We at Gauri pride ourselves on delivering projects on time and to budget, developing solutions that maximise the return on our client’s investment. Time and again we’re able to achieve successful outcomes because we have a wealth of project delivery experience and technical skills, combined with a meticulous approach to structuring and steering projects to success, whilst eliminating the many factors that all too often result in project drift or failure.

There are many factors that can cause IT programmes to fail including:

  • Unclear user requirements.
  • Excessive deviation from the scope and business objectives.
  • Continuous slippage achieving key milestones.
  • lack of best practice deployment & unnecessary over customisation.
  • knowledge and skills gaps amongst team members.
  • Architecture and design issues in the underlying system.

Typical symptoms of a struggling or failing project include:

  • Project delays and budget creep.
  • Usability issues leading to low user adoption.
  • Poor system performance, stability and data accuracy.

Whatever the causes and symptoms, Gauri are specialists in recovering struggling or failing IT programmes, having successfully demonstrated our ability to get even the most complex IT transformation projects back on track.

If you are struggling to deliver a Salesforce, SAP or Data project or worried that your project may be heading for failure, then we can help you.

Please get in contact with us now for a free confidential consultation to learn how we’ve helped organisations like yours get their IT programmes back on track.

Our Success Stories

Our other service offerings are backed by openly available client references. However, we recognise and respect the sensitivity around assertions of ‘failing projects’. For this reason, we maintain a professional discretion about those projects we have worked with which have had challenges we have addressed.

We trust you appreciate the reasons for this discretion, and we commit to offer you the same if you approach us for advice.

If you would welcome a confidential discussion around your current project, please contact us and we will be willing to share details of how we have helped clients with similar challenges.

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