Grant Management

Focus. Integrate. Optimise.

In an ever-changing world, organisations delivering grants are experiencing considerable economic and business challenges. As budgets for funding become tighter and more closely monitored, there is a need for harmonisation, integration and cost reduction in the grants process.

Investment in new solutions brings an opportunity to enhance service standards, reduce operational costs and eliminate manual effort.

Streamline and improve grants management

Using Gauri’s enhanced SAP Grantors Management, you can maximise the quality of your grants funding, streamline the process, and evaluate grants applications on a reliable platform and integrate with other systems. The solution provides transparency, accountability, and compliance enabling you to focus on what is an important and efficient evaluation of applications and distribution of funds.

Understanding grants management

The grant funding lifecycle is much broader than a transactional service between grantor and grantee. The primary initiative is to ensure positive and measurable change, to learn and foster a culture of continuous improvement. It is vital that effective business processes and systems are in place to provide a platform from which a quality level of service can be delivered.

Succeed with grantors management

With enhanced SAP Grantors Management employees are able to focus on making the most appropriate recommendations for funding, whilst simultaneously supporting awarded projects to maximise the value of beneficial fund allocation.

Increased efficiency and effectiveness with grantors management

It is essential for all grantors to align their business purpose with their people, processes, and systems. The automation of processes removes the unnecessary administrative burden on users and allows them to focus on the delivery of effective funding programmes that make a genuine impact on the community.

Brochure // Grants Management Solution Overview

Read how you can maximise the quality of your grants funding, streamline the process and evaluate grants applications on a reliable platform using Gauri’s enhanced SAP Grantors Management.

Brochure // Rapid Deployment Solution

Read how you can rapidly deploy Gauri’s grantors management solution and maximise the quality of your grants funding, streamline your processes and monitor outcomes on a reliable platform.