Achieve automation, tracking and preventive maintenance

There is a growing demand for efficiency, transparency and easily accessible personalised journeys.

The Challenge

Better tracking of assets and preventive maintenance, mobile online/offline field service solutions are major requirements in this industry.

The Opportunity

The data collected through these digital initiatives serves fantastic insights into customer behaviour, this coupled with machine learning and AI can used to determine customer life time value, predict churn rates.

Why Gauri

Gauri facilitates smooth data collection paired with the right backend utility that is capable of crystallising data into sharp insights on customer behaviour, which can then be leveraged towards decision making, enhancing the process of customer relationship management.

Give us a call and let us demonstrate, how we can help you creating the strategy for growth using our state of the art solutions, especially tailored for the utilities industry.
Shankar Hariharan

Shankar Hariharan

Director, Strategy and Sales

Sri Subramaniam

Sri Subramaniam

Director, Operations

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