Customer engagement strategies are a hot topic at the moment, so Gauri initiated a survey to gain a deeper understanding of how UK businesses are delivering theirs.

Our research sought to explore what technologies are being used, the impact that social media and online engagement are having on buying behaviours, and how businesses will work in the future.

The headline early findings are:

Customers’ behaviour is key to every organisation: 86% of participants believe that the changing buyer behaviours have a ‘significant impact’ on their organisation.

Customers need to be nurtured to increase revenue streams: 94% cited customer retention as a key area of engagement strategies, 85% said responding to customer feedback was key.

The way in which customers are engaging is changing with email (100%) being the most commonly offered communication channel and website (91%) and social media (70%) also becoming crucial to successful customer engagement.

Mobility is becoming increasingly important for all organisations. This is reflected in the trend of companies’ focus on omni-channel integration (55%).

(If you would like to read the full research report, please fill in the request and we will send it)

At Gauri we are working with our clients to improve their customer engagement strategies, using unique customer journey mapping techniques combined with the exciting new omni-channel enablement solutions that are now available. The research that we conducted is reinforcing the urgency with which organisations need to go with the digital transformation surge that is carrying customers along on a journey that they want to control.

Gauri’s expertise lies in leveraging value-based process improvement with technology enhancement, implementing client specific requirements with personalisation, customisation and development. Our specific experience is in sales, marketing, service and social communications, and their real-time integration to the ERP back office. We deliver business insight through intuitive use of business analytics.

Digital enablement for our clients is achieved through our understanding of the customer domain across both B2B and B2C relationships, and the development of end-to-end integrated applications across SAP and non-SAP landscapes. Our industry experience lies within Wholesale and Distribution, Manufacturing, Consumer Goods, Public Sector and Retail.

Gauri is an accredited SAP VAR partner with recognised expertise in CRM, and is a Partner Centre of Expertise for VAR-delivered support.