A handful of years ago came a furious wind that swayed away the traditional ways of doing business. With it, it brought a giant cloud that marked its territory in the vast sky. The cloud was Salesforce – and it has been expanding ever since; offering a variety of solutions to suit every unique business need and demand. 

The customer is the most important asset to any organisation any day – and ensuring they’re retained is a real challenge. The idea of delivering an exceptional service each time and ascertaining an indisputable capability can be a nightmare if we do not have the right tools & knowledge to manage it. With the advent of uniqueness that every organisation brings and increasing demands for fast & better services, Salesforce came up with their own Service Cloud.

The Service Cloud is a service-oriented customer-centric solution enhancing the way we do everyday support business and strengthening the links with our customers. It analyses the pain points, along with requirements of a well-managed service process and builds automated tools to help them. What else, you ask? Well, how about a comprehensive AI tool viz. Salesforce Einstein embedded right within the solution; bringing numerous possibilities and visualisations at your disposal.

Take a minute to wear the hat of the Service Head of your organisation and imagine your business possessing capabilities such as:

  • Automatic routing of cases to the right agent from the start via a variety of channels
  • A Service Console for agents to work on multiple cases at a time; irrespective of the channel they come from
  • View of customer information prior to interaction for an impactful conversation
  • Einstein Supervisor monitoring agents in real-time to ensure their full productivity
  • AI powered analytics – predicting customers’ level of satisfaction & providing apt recommendations for improvement
  • A connected & streamlined mobile app to provide service anywhere; even when offline

Now switch hats with that of an end customer:

  • Provision to choose a preferred channel to communicate – from social media to live message chat to video chat & screen sharing
  • Flexibility to switch between modes of communication yet receiving seamless service each time
  • Ability to save an online chat conversation for later reference at the click of a button
  • Empowering them to be their own saviours – resolving issues quickly themselves

If what you see here sounds promising, the Service Cloud is for you.

With features like Omni-channel ecosystem, Social Customer Service, Service Cloud Einstein, Self-service Communities and Salesforce1 mobile app etc., Service Cloud is an extremely powerful intelligent solution to drive your business in the most optimised and managed way.

Smarter service management and faster process handling; leading way to nourished & happy customers each time.

Know more about our capability in the Service Cloud here. Engage with us and take exciting leaps forward to growth & competitive advantage.