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A majority of all CRM implementations are deemed as failures, resulting in a disjointed and inefficient process where users tend to start operating outside of the system. If you feel you’re not getting the full value out of your CRM solution, we’re here to help. We offer end-to-end CRM implementation services, helping you properly adopt and integrate leading platforms such as Salesforce and SAP (ERP).

The Challenge

Most attempts at implementing and adopting a CRM system fail. If your CRM solution is not properly implemented and managed for full utilization, it will become a hindrance rather than an asset.

In the end, CRM plays a pivotal role in creating a seamless customer experience across every touchpoint. It allows customer service, marketing, and sales departments to better collaborate, streamline, and automate many processes and interactions with customers. Together with access to detailed CRM reports, it allows an enterprise to fully optimise their customer interaction processes to the benefit of both themselves and their customers.

If you want your business to stay competitive and relevant in the future, you will need a properly implemented CRM solution in place to allow for:

  • Better knowledge of customers
  • Better access to customer performance information and data
  • Better segmentation of customers and prospects
  • Better customer retention
  • Better anticipation of customer needs
  • Better and speedier communication
  • Better protection of data privacy

With a properly integrated customer relationship management solution, you’ll have a perfect overview of your customers, where everything is gathered in one, centralized place. It helps you find new customers, win their business, and keep them happy by organising customer and prospect information in such a way that helps you build strong, long-lasting relationships and grow your business.

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How We Help

CRM Experts and Providers

We provide end-to-end CRM system implementation for leading platforms, such as Salesforce or SAP, and custom-built accelerators to speed up the adoption of your CRM system which significantly reduce implementation costs and time. We help our clients simplify complexities, generate value, and optimise their CRM solution where we help them:

We shape your CRM strategy

Establish a joined-up CRM strategy and roadmap with clear objectives and improvement plans for people, processes, and systems.

Achieve end-to-end integration

Seamlessly integrate and automate customer engagement, commerce, and back-end processes.


Understand your customers better

Achieve a true customer-360° view, with full back-end integration.

Indepth reporting and analytics

Better utilize CRM reporting and forecasting for important insights for business decisions.

We’ve delivered complex digital CRM transformation programmes for several organisations in the UK through a hybrid agile methodology which we’ve perfected over the last 15 years since Gauri’s inception. This guarantees both a proactive and collaborative engagement with our customers, giving them complete transparency throughout the project.


We’re one amongst a very few UK based Salesforce Gold partners providing end-to-end Salesforce implementation with integration to SAP ERP. We firmly believe that Salesforce is part of the large digital landscape and integration plays a key role in the success of implementing this solution. We bring an efficient end-to-end solution and business understanding, a mature hybrid methodology, highly motivated Salesforce consultants, and custom-built accelerators to maximize the value our customers get from their Salesforce solution.

Salesforce Solutions we consult on:

  • Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • Salesforce Service Cloud
  • Salesforce Field Service Solution
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Salesforce Sales and Service CRM for Small Business


Gauri is an award-winning SAP Gold Partner providing SAP implementation, support, maintenance, and enhancements for both on-premise and cloud-enabled solutions. We possess the right technical expertise, domain knowledge, and a determination to go the extra mile for our customers to ensure your critical systems are robust, scalable, and continue to run smoothly. Whether we’re carrying out project work or supporting your SAP systems, we carry out continuous improvements to your SAP solutions in the following ways: 

  • Eliminating repeat fixes
  • Improving system resilience 
  • Promoting benefits realisation
  • Minimising technical debt
  • Lowering the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)
  • Maximising the return on your SAP investments

We implement and support SAP CRM and ERP solutions, including SAP for small business. 

Our CRM services

Gauri offers a complete set of CRM services, tailor-made according to your company’s needs and current situation, provided by our experienced CRM consultants. Our CRM experts will help you implement and adopt your CRM system correctly, and teach you how to properly manage and utilize it to the best of its effect.

Advisory Services

Are you planning to embark on your CRM journey, move your existing solution to the cloud, or seeking to enhance the gained value from your existing implementation? Make sure the implementation is done correctly together with our subject matter experts and solution architects CRM consultants.

CRM Strategy

CRM has become a competitive necessity in today’s landscape. A CRM strategy with a clear objective and roadmap is the key to success. Unfortunately, most attempts implementing a CRM solution fail due to various reasons such as lack of user adoption, and management perceived objectives not being achieved. Together with us, we’ll plan a coherent strategy and roadmap to make sure your CRM solution is implemented fast and correctly.

CRM Audit and Health Check Services

Are you getting the full value out of your CRM solution? If not, our audit offering will benefit you greatly. Through our CRM audit, we provide useful insights into how to better use and manage your CRM system, wherein in some cases, massive savings can be achieved by optimising software license usage.

Implementation Services

A majority of all digital CRM programmes fail to deliver the desired results due to various reasons such as the inability of the implementation partner to articulate the user requirements upfront, or skills and experience gaps among implementation teams, among others.

Get full value out of your CRM solution with our end-to-end implementation services with back-end CRM integration, business insight, and intelligent CRM automation. We aim to provide a framework that ensures that all-important facets to the success of the programmes are identified, executed, and monitored through the project lifecycle. This will ensure that your team will work coherently and the project will be completely transparent for all project stakeholders.

Managed services

Managed service is all about optimizing the cost of ownership. As the complexity of the CRM solution increases, so does the costs and overheads. Through our CRM consultancy services, we can help you identify ways to reduce costs and ensure both the quality and responsiveness of your CRM solution that you need. Our service options include:

  • Single-pot capacity based
    Premium service with a dedicated team, with a single-pot concept, to benefit from a steady crew of experts with great business understanding to gain faster and better technology solutions.
  • Single-pot retainer-based
    Premium service based on a dedicated team of a specific skill-set, with a single-pot concept, to benefit from a steady crew of experts with deep business understanding to allow for faster and more efficient technology solutions.
  • Pay-as-you-go
    Flexible managed service model leveraging our right-shoring approach. Optimal to extend your capability for ad-hoc capacity and capability.

BVR – Business Value Realisation

A majority of all digital transformation programmes are deemed failures, even after a successful implementation. The main reasons being poor user adoption and management perception of achieving its business objectives. Typically, once the implementation has been completed, the focus tends to shift towards maintaining BAU – Business As Usual. Soon enough, the team will be bogged down with BAU-related support activities, preventing business growth, and leaving little to no room for optimisation and improvement of the services.

Through our architects and subject matter experts, working closely with your IT and business team, we’ll be able to fully unravel the potential of your platform and fully optimise your current operations and provide tremendous growth opportunities for your business.

Our focus as CRM provides is not just to lay the digital foundation for your business, but also to enable your organisation to become a more data-driven and intelligent enterprise.

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