Webinar – SAP Business One

Curious about the 130% Super Tax, why a digital ERP is imperative for your business today?


Gauri, in conjunction with SAP and Synergi Finance have delivered this webinar on 24th November 2021 at 16:00 GMT. Please register now to receive a link to its recording.

At the end of this webinar, you will appreciate:

  • Why going Digital is imperative for your business to be competitive today?
  • ERP and why it may be a lot more cost effective than you think
  • We believe that a ERP solution should enhance uniqueness of your company?
  • We will explain our GEM approach to achieving this?
  • SAP, myths debunked
  • 130% Super Tax and what it means to you, 25p in every £1 spent, saved in tax
  • Finance, how you can maximise the Super Tax deduction and spread the cost
  • Uber, and why their strategy tools can be used in your business


Gareth Lewis

Gareth Lewis

SAP Sales Director at Gauri Ltd

Having worked in the ERP space for 20 years, Gareth now leads the SAP Business One Sales division at Gauri, with a Customer First approach, this fits entirely with the Gauri ethos, helping customers to improve their business processes, efficiencies and ultimately their success.

Emma O’Loughlin

Emma O’Loughlin

Channel Sales Manager at SAP

Over the last 5 years Emma O’ Loughlin has worked in the SME space at SAP, specifically within the SAP Business One organisation. Responsible for channel management she has spent the majority of this time working alongside partners , assisting them in digitally enabling our customers innovation and helping to solve their business challenges.

Rob Partridge

Rob Partridge

MD & Founder at Synergi Finance

Now in my 20th year of financial services, I’ve held senior positions at Barclays Bank, Sun Life Financial of Canada, and Reality Finance.
In the last 6 years I have grown Synergi Partner Finance from a FinTech start-up to a major financial solutions provider to the Technology Services sector. Taking a unique approach to financial services, we bring together the customers, vendors and lenders for the benefit of all, synergising financial transactions seamlessly.

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