Case Study – Micro Tech UK

Optimising Efficiency & Effectiveness in the healthcare industry with SAP Business One.

3 month implementation of SAP Business One, providing Microtech UK with a centralised system they can trust and expand upon.

The Challenge

Microtech UK distributes endoscopy devices to the NHS & private hospitals.

Operating within the healthcare distribution industry provides a unique challenge for a business. Being operationally efficient is a necessity to ensure products are distributed to the right people at the right time, which in some circumstances can be life saving.

The challange was clear, to help Microtech optimise their operational effectiveness through SAP Business One implementation.

Gauri’s Engagement

We are extremely proud to say we finished the complete rollout of SAP Business One within 3 months which now forms the core of Microtech’s operational excellence.

SAP Business One identified as the perfect fit for Microtech:

  • As a very fast-growing business having a system that can keep up and support growth is integral.
  • Microtech are a very flat organization which relies upon communication internally & externally with partners to support the fundamental running of its business and ensure everyone under their scope understands what is happening.
  • With SAP Business One’s quick implementation and simplicity to use it ensured the least amount of disruption to Microtech’s day to day running.

Project Highlights

Gauri partnered closely with Microtech to ensure complete support, engagement and flexiblity throught the project.

Business benefits for Microtech:

  • With the implementation of the highest standard of products and add ons ensured that Microtech now have a SAP Business One solution that aligns perfectly with their ERP and forms one centralised system.
  • Microtech now have a system to scale, which is  essential for keeping pace with the companies fast paced growth.
  • A cost effective system they can depend upon, ensuring that everyone in the Microtech family has a clear operational understnading which is key to optimising efficiency.

“We work with the NHS we can’t afford mistakes you know people need our products and sometimes genuinely they are life saving products, they need to have the right product and they need to it there quickly. SAP Business One will give you everything you need professionally, accurately, and quickly. We are very proud of the products we sell, the quality of those products and the cost savings to the NHS are substantial. We’re growing very very quickly we will grow with SAP Business One, we’ll get better functionality with it, but we can stick with it.

SAP Business One is simple, its quick to implement, every part of the company which is not core we have very close partnerships, from that we have a very flat, very core business in the middle and these systems have to talk to all these other people and so they can do the rest of the things for us. We can pull all that information out and everyone within the Microtech family can understand what we’re doing.

SAP Business One is a great platform to grow, Gauri are a great company to partner with to install that product for you ”

Gareth Bullen

Managing Director, Microtech UK

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