With SAP S/4HANA, SAP has transformed the world of ERP. Not only limited to Cloud-enablement, S/4HANA is powered by the latest technologies bringing AI/ML, Analytics and HANA database with built-in resilience, and scalability for your enterprise. In this article we discuss 2 important facets of the S/4 HANA Cloud, Public Edition.

Extensibility Options

As you can see from this depiction, S/4 Public Cloud solution allows for a variety of options for enhancement, without having to worry about being compliant with upgrades or without impacting the core solution features and scalability. 

  • Key user extensibility can be used to enhance UI, form layouts, analytics and even develop custom business objects and logic.
  • Developer extensibility using ABAP which allows custom extensions to the standard solution and directly on the S/4 HANA stack.
  • Side by side extensions using the Business Technology platform can be used to develop custom solutions/modules in ABAP, Java or Node.js.

3 Tier Architecture 

The 3-tier architecture recently introduced for the S/4 HANA Public Cloud has further enhanced On- stack extensibility, increased configuration options and provided a significantly better landscape that supports more flexible and enhanced solution lifecycle capabilities.

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