Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Online and scalable Salesforce Marketing Cloud CRM.

As the Salesforce Customer Success platform continues to grow and innovate, Gauri offers a range of services on this platform including Salesforce implementation services, product engineering, and Salesforce Managed services. Our certified Salesforce Marketing Cloud consultants can help get the best value from your Salesforce solution.

Marketing Business Challenge

Marketing practices historically have been ad-hoc and can vary quite a lot between industries as well as companies. But Marketing automation is now necessary to scale Marketing activities and bring more rigor, repeatability, and transparency to the Marketing process. Marketing automation is key to customer acquisition: identity, nurture, and onboard new customers who are profitable over time (Customer Lifetime Value – CLV). Marketing automation will help you use multiple channels to engage with prospects at the same time ensuring the regulatory compliances like GDPR are adhered to.

Recent Marketing Cloud Trends

There are a lot of options from the best breed solutions to Customer Data Platforms (CDP), getting the solution that is right for your business is important. Contemporary marketers need to combine operational and data skills with the grasp of the big picture.

The multichannel approach of Social, Mobile, Email supported by data from various sources helps to create an understanding of the targeted customer and is key to successful Marketing today.

Marketing Cloud Services

Marketing Automation key features to look for:

  • A Single Customer View (SCV)
  • Lead Management
  • Campaign Management (Segmentation, Personalisation and Execution)
  • Measurement, modelling and reporting
  • Event-based Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Mobile Messaging
  • Social Media Marketing
  • B2B Marketing

Key benefits of Salesforce Marketing Automation

Regardless of industry, channel, or use case, Salesforce marketing automation can help you build a personalised, seamless journey for leads and your customers at scale.

The key benefits of marketing automation include:

  • Generating more leads and move them quicker through the pipeline
  • Engaging buyers on their terms using dynamic, more personalised campaigns
  • Gain a better understanding of the marketing journey from first contact to closed

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

With Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Marketing becomes smarter, as we focus on a one-to-one customer journey helping you improve every customer interaction. The key differentiator with Salesforce Marketing Automation is customer experience continuity, where all interactions remain connected and unified.

Features of Salesforce Marketing Cloud are:

  • Guide customers from awareness to advocacy
  • Improve productivity with smart Marketing decisions
  • Multi-channel support, on any device
  • Unified and integrated platform (i.e. Sales, Service, and Marketing)

Salesforce Sales, Service, and Marketing provide a truly integrated set of tools like no other.

Our certified Salesforce Marketing Cloud consultants can help to configure and implement Salesforce solutions that provide your Marketing team the best Salesforce Marketing Automation tool for achieving their business objectives across your Marketing and Sales lifecycle.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud - Product Datasheet

Download complete feature guide from Salesforce on Marketing Cloud.
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