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Reporting the is key element of any digital initiatives, the workflow solutions like Salesforce CRM and other integrated enterprise applications create a lot of valuable data, this data can provide important insight for data-driven business decisions.

The Salesforce reporting and Salesforce dashboard implementation requires deep understanding of the solution architecture and data structure spread across enterprise applications and sound business knowledge. The Salesforce Reports and Salesforce Dashboard can cover both operational reporting and analytical reporting requirement.

We have detailed mechanism to incorporate Salesforce reporting as part of Salesforce Implementation, but we help our customer with specific Salesforce reports and Salesforce dashboard post implementation.

With our Data and AI practice we provide a comprehensive reporting options which can leverage the power big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

How to Create Salesforce Dashboard

There are several pre-built Salesforce reports and Salesforce dashboards as part of the Salesforce Reporting Suite. In our experience implementing CRM solutions we have identified certain scenarios wherein these prebuilt Salesforce reports do not suffice. Especially, when it involves data from underlying ERP solutions like SAP.

We have identified typical reporting requirements in the Integrated CRM scenarios for Salesforce reporting in each of the major areas like Salesforce Marketing, Salesforce Sales and Salesforce Service. We have pre-built Salesforce reports and Salesforce dashboards, which can be deployed and customised for individual customers as part of Salesforce implementation project. The goal is to improve quality and reduce implement time and costs involved.

These are few examples Salesforce reports and Salesforce dashboards in each of the areas with some screen shots.


  • Marketing qualified leads (MQL) to sales qualified leads (SQL) conversion rate
  • Revenue generated per channel
  • Lead Pipeline Velocity
  • Net promoter Score


Few report names for Sales team are:

  • New business Win Rate & Upsell
  • Revenue Sold Per Sales Representative
  • Individual Targets Attainment
  • Gross Customer Churn
  • Wallet Share per Customer
  • Sales Eligible Lead delivery
  • Customer Acquisition Cost
  • Opportunities Past Due date
  • Service

Sample Built-In Reports

  • Average first response time by agent
  • Average case resolution time
  • First-response violated cases
  • Stalled cases
  • Case lifecycle by agent
  • Average response time by agent
  • Average handle time by agent
  • Average speed to answer by agent
  • Agents burn rate

For more details, please visit Salesforce Reporting Suite.

For a more comprehensive SalesForce Reports and Salesforce Dashboard list and how we can help please get in touch with us.

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CRM Case Studies

Groupe Atlantic

Read how Gauri implemented one of the largest Salesforce Field Service programme for a leading HVAC manufacturer in the UK.


Read how Gauri helped a leading retail merchant service provider to improve Salesforce adoption within the company and also save significant licensing costs.


Read how Gauri delivered a comprehensive SAP Sales and Service CRM for a leading safety equipment retailer in the UK.

The Entertainer

Read how Gauri implemented SAP CRM for a leading Toy Retailer with complete integration with commerce and service desk. 


Read how Gauri deployed SAP Sales Cloud for Stelrad, a leading radiator brand in the UK, within 9 weeks. Another project delivered on time and budget.


Read how Gauri rapidly deployed SAP Sales Cloud for a specialist manufacturer of high-performance composites in aerospace, globally across 11 countries.

Case Study

Discover how a US based company providing a suite of financial services tools to casinos enabling secure transactions, streamlined card processing and legal compliance.

Case Study

An international organisation with a mission to mobilise a global community of emerging leaders to build the movement for health equity and health equality for all.

Case Study

Marketing cloud implementation for a building material retail organisation in the New Zealand to improve the sales, customer responses and satisfaction.

Case Study

UAE's leading real estate group, delivering luxury residential, commercial and leisure properties needed a state of the art service request management system.


Gauri is a solid partner as they have been through this journey, standing solidly with us through all the ups and downs that a project lifecycle typically goes through. Their deep end-to-end solution knowledge and technical know-how (Salesforce + SAP + Talend) coupled with niche Field Service experience was invaluable. Their ethos and ability to adapt to changing project needs helped us to achieve this milestone jointly in a true partnership.

John Glanville

Chief Information Officer, Groupe Atlantic UK Division

Gauri proved to be a great choice as they had the expert knowledge and supported us at every step on the way. Gauri delivered an initial live system in only 9 weeks.

Michael Johnson

Business Analyst, Stelrad UK

Gauri pulled it together really well. Projects delivered on time and to budget.

Paul Roughley

Director, CMS Distribution UK

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