Rapid Remote Salesforce CRM Implementation

While your team are working remotely, there is no reason for customers to experience a dip in service, or for your sales funnel to dry up.

If you are experiencing business interruption, use this time to mitigate the effects and invest in the ongoing growth and success of your organisation. Don’t just keep up with the competition, get one step ahead!

We can help you go-live with a new CRM system within two weeks and for under £3k investment.

Cloud-based solution

Access it from anywhere via a web browser.

Multi-device access

Access it from desktops, laptops or mobile devices.

Single source of truth

Keep all customer information in one place.

Built-in collaboration tools

Your team can interact without leaving the system.

Outlook and/or Gmail integration

Seamless synchronisation with your email system.

We can get you up and running with Salesforce, the world’s #1 CRM system remotely in a just two weeks to help you better serve your customers, increase your sales pipeline and enhance your market position. 

We can implement Salesforce remotely. We do not need access to your premises. 

Using the latest collaboration tools such as video conferencing and screen sharing to show you work in progress, we can deliver your new system without putting your staff, or ours, at risk. We have considerable expertise delivering CRM systems remotely for many organisations across the globe.


No new back-office IT kit


Remote implementation


Rapid deployment


2-Week implementation period


No data (GDPR) risk


Less than £3k investment

Our priority is to enable everyone to work safely and effectively.

Take a look at our QuickStart Guide to learn more about this offer

Quickstart Guide for Sales

Save costs by cutting administrative work, track your sales process, nurture your leads and manage customer interactions with real-time insights and reports.

Quickstart Guide for Service

Make your customers happy and drive customer satisfaction, build long-term relationships and improve your business standing to remain ahead of competition.

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