With the launch of Cloud for Customer Service, SAP Field Service Management is all poised to take a major leap forward.

The development of Field Service on the C4C (Cloud for Customer platform) has evolved with a fresh and efficient Solution architecture. Furthermore, because of the technological advances now available, deployment on the mobile platform no longer involves the complex integration that a normal field service solution historically entailed.

Let us have a look at some of the features of this solution:

Work tickets instead of service orders

The C4C Service solution has been built flexibly, with the ‘Work Ticket’ replacing a ‘Service Order’- a single work ticket allowing you to add labour and parts flexibly through the process. What’s more, you can start with a simple service ticket and convert to a work ticket through the process (both use the same underlying object).

No more confirmations!

Yes, you heard that right. No more confirmations, both time and material confirmations are directly updated on the work ticket. This significantly simplifies the number of objects that are required to run a full service process.

Visits and Summary

Field service engineers now have the ability to add visit summaries and record acknowledgement.

Simple but effective integration to ERP

The new architecture splits the service process into two clear parts, and leaves the execution of all Finance and Logistics processes completely to the backend ERP system.

Examples of these:

  • Creation of internal order for revenues and cost collection
  • Billing activities for parts and services carried out through billing requests
  • Timesheets (CATS) integration
  • Goods issue from technician stock
  • Advanced shipment of service parts to customer consignment stock
  • Service parts returns handling

Out of the box mobile app for Field Service Engineers

This reduces the cost of deployment significantly by doing away with the need to build mobile integration separately.

The Cloud for Service product is evolving constantly and more functionality is being added with each release. There is much more to come on the roadmap of Field Service in Cloud for Service. So watch this space for further updates.