Connected Cloud



In the digital world where Cloud, On-premise, Big data and Social channel based solutions have to work in tandem, ‘Integration’ is the key to reap the benefits offered by these technologies.

Effective integration is not just about technically connecting multiple systems but doing it  with a deep knowledge of the underlying business processes and their inter-relations.

Some key ingredients for an effective and scalable integration include:

  • Selecting appropriate tools and platforms from the vast range of SAP and non-SAP integration platforms
  • Having a team with a sound and clear understanding of the underlying business processes across the system landscape in order to provide an optimal solution which is scalable and flexible
  • Having a profound understanding of the workflows from Customer engagement and Commerce to the operational ERP systems, and the ability to quickly understand customer’s business challenges and opportunities.

Gauri has been a front-runner when it comes to integration between on-premise, private cloud and public cloud solutions using well-establish integration methodologies.

We are:

  • An early adopter and leading partner in developing hybrid solutions, we have already delivered C4C service fully integrated with S/4 HANA on-premise
  • Our experience in integrating cloud solutions like hybris cloud for customer and SAP Business by design with on premise hybris commerce solutions
  • Our technical expertise in integration platforms such as SAP Process Orchestration and SAP HANA Cloud Integration.

Case Study: End-to-end integration of SAP ERP with Slim4

End-to-end integration of SAP ERP with Slim4 – a new system implemented to achieve differentiation through excellent inventory management; improving customer service with optimal stock.

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