There’s nothing more frustrating than having to enter data more than once, when working with contact details, appointments and meeting notes. Thankfully that situation can be avoided by a plugin called Desktop Connection.

Desktop Connection performs synchronisation between MS Outlook (or Lotus Notes) and SAP CRM for accounts, contacts, emails, tasks and appointments. It can also synchronise leads, opportunities and other CRM objects.

There are many business benefits of enabling this simple synchronisation, not least the elimination of incorrect data duplication, and the saving of time.

There are two versions of Desktop Connection, the Professional edition and the Enterprise edition. The Professional edition is included in the SAP CRM licence, and performs basic synchronisation on accounts and contacts, tasks, emails and appointments. The Enterprise edition carries an additional licence cost, and allows synchronisation of leads and opportunities. Other CRM objects can be replicated too.

We have made a series of videos to show how straightforward it is to use MS Outlook to enter day-to-day details of people, tasks and appointments, without having to log in to CRM as well. The same would apply with Lotus Notes.


Desktop Connection for SAP CRM – Presentation from Gauri Ltd. on Vimeo.

Video 1 shows how to create an account and contact in Outlook, and displays the synchronised data in CRM.

Desktop Connection for SAP CRM – Demo 1 (Creating Account and Contact Person) from Gauri Ltd. on Vimeo.

Video 2 shows the sending and receiving of emails in both systems: an email sent from MS Outlook is replicated in CRM, where it is attached to a sales order. An inbound email from a contact is received in CRM, and visible in MS Outlook too.

Desktop Connection for SAP CRM – Demo 2 (Sending and Receiving Emails) from Gauri Ltd. on Vimeo.

Video 3 demonstrates the creation of an appointment in CRM and the ease of working with it in Outlook

Desktop Connection for SAP CRM – Demo 3 (Creating Appointments) from Gauri Ltd. on Vimeo.

Video 4 shows how to create a task in Outlook that can be synchronised with SAP CRM, amended in Outlook, and all changes be visible in both systems.

Desktop Connection for SAP CRM – Demo 4 (Creating Tasks) from Gauri Ltd. on Vimeo.

The ease with which these tasks can be done in either system, and be available in both, make Desktop Connection a must-have integration tool for SAP CRM users.