Inventiveness is a genetic extension of our enthusiasm. Being passionate about how the internet of things (IOT) and mining on the data generated by smart devices could bring a fundamental shift in gaining business insights, a few of my colleagues and I have been brainstorming on a few possibilities with internet of things. Now if you’re a researcher, a techie, an entrepreneur who wants to bring an exponential increase in your business value or if you simply follow technology and research trends, then you must have observed that businesses always strive for high performance systems as well as simpler and smarter user experience platforms. We, at GAURI, often talk about that ideal platform that is capable of collating all these vital parameters including the ease of integrating M2M (Machine-to-Machine) technology seamlessly and the ability to extend and deploy applications easily. Moreover, one of the pivotal factors is the need of such a platform which can put transactions and analytics in the same wrapper and give the IOT solution an edge to drive the performance. It’s an era of speed. Trends are shifting from higher and faster, further towards creating intelligent products, making business processes faster and more efficient.

Just a few days ago, I was struggling to find a parking space for my car before rushing to visit a friend in a hospital. While searching for one, I saw a guy waving his hand to signal that he is moving out and the slot that was earlier occupied by his car would be vacant for mine. As he entered the car to move, what added to my frustration is that the engine of his car didn’t start for some reason. After he finally managed to make a move and I parked the car, I saw another slot that had been vacant all this while. It is at that time that I started wondering what if we could have the view of parking availability on our smart phones. There is definitely a need of a smart parking system which can make it possible for any individual to have instant access to a parking slot. Finding a parking slot is never an easy task in a busy city and it becomes an even more problematic situation when you are running late for something important to be attended.

At GAURI, we have been exploring SAP HANA and in my opinion an Omni capable SAP HANA Cloud platform is a good fit for the kind of problem I explained above. It is possible to develop a mobile app which can help the driver quickly check the traffic congestion in the nearest destination and be seamlessly directed to the available parking spot. Live data on the parking slot availability can be transferred by sensors from each parking slot to SAP HANA and the availability of empty parking slot can be made available instantly. In addition, instead of making manual payment for the parking, the payments too can be made using the same mobile application. Moreover, such an application can be built with ease and also offer simple user experience that SAP HANA Cloud Platform provides.

A smarter parking system is just one example of an application that can leverage the potential of SAP HANA Cloud Platform. We have even extended our thoughts to the possibilities of smarter navigation systems. The smartphones can warn the driver when the car is running low on fuel and also suggest the closest petrol station. Even the petrol stations can also give personalised offers depending on the loyalty of its customers and perform customer behavior analytics. The consumer needs are ever evolving and adapting them is quite easily possible with SAP HANA Cloud Platform Extensions.

It’s amazing how the recent technological innovations, particularly SAP’s HANA Cloud Platform, can be an answer to so many business problems. And at GAURI, we keep coming across a varied set of these in our discussions with our customers. So, if you face a business problem for which you have been struggling to find good solutions, share them with us and we will be happy to evaluate the SAP solutions that not only fit well but do much more than you ever thought they could.