Adopting an ever-changing technology to meet business needs and problems is a constant challenge faced by CIOs in many organisations today. In order to focus less on hardware scaling, networks, databases and server and more on rapidly delivery of applications and solutions to address business needs, they can look to adopt a Cloud Platform or Platform as a Service (PaaS) model that will enable them to be completely aligned with the business.

The HANA Cloud Platform is a PaaS offering from SAP with some great services. It is in-memory, and allows customers to build new applications or extend existing On-Premise or Cloud applications. Here are five reasons to consider this option.

1. Open and Standard Based with Multiple Runtimes

The HANA Cloud Platform is based on open and industry standard based technologies. It supports multiple run times to deploy Java, Native HANA or HTML5/SAPUI5 applications.

2. Flexible Licensing options

The platform comes with flexible licensing options, from licenses for just getting additional SAP HANA Infrastructure to getting the complete platform services with features for building, deploying and maintaining applications on the cloud platform.

3. Access to In-Memory Technology – HANA DB

One of the key advantages for customers is getting access to the SAP HANA DB and its services. Customers can build Native HANA or Java applications which taps into rich feature set of SAP HANA. For example, customers could be building SAPUI5 applications which uses advanced features of the Predictive Analytics Library on the backend.

4. Access to the mobility platform

The value of adding a mobility scenario can never be discounted, but if the number of mobile users are less, then the benefit of implementing a mobile scenario can be questioned against the time and money it takes to integrate the mobile scenario. With HANA Cloud Platform Mobile Services, customers can implement the mobile scenario at an accelerated pace.

5. Connectivity with HANA Cloud Connector

Integration with the existing system landscape is an important factor to consider on a cloud transformation project.  The HANA Cloud connector is a simple tool which establishes a technical connection between an On-Premise network and the HANA Cloud Platform. The Cloud Connector is not limited to SAP Systems but establishes connection with the On-Premise network.


With HANA Cloud Platform, customers can now gain competitive advantage by using the latest technologies from SAP. SAP HANA, Predictive Analytics Library, Mobility Platform, etc., are all now available on the cloud on a subscription basis under a single platform – The HANA Cloud Platform. This means that customers can now get access to these technologies quickly and easily to build or extend applications, without having to invest a lot of money upfront.